Weekend food Escapes food review

Why is the Chef Moody? Haha. Good thing the food is always tasty. Here are a few words from Weekend Food Escapes.

The Moody Chef is located in Crow’s Nest but has two other stores in St Leonards as well. I check out the original location on Atchison St.

My friend Dan swears this cafe has great breakfasts and we were eager to see how lunch fared at the Moody Chef. I ordered the char grilled chicken peri burger ($20.90, top photo) with peri-peri aioli, jalapenos, avocado, served with chunky chips to the side. I ordered well as the burgers seem to be a hit in comparison to the other dishes for lunch.

There was also the char grilled beef burger ($20.90, below) with crispy bacon, cheddar, tomato relish with the trimmings. The chips are nice and crispy.
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