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There are many ways one can describe Saturdays, leisurely, relaxed, unhurried… regardless, at The Moody Chef its all about you and how we can make it the perfect start to your weekend.

It’s Saturday, the pace is leisurely, you’ve hit the weekend and its all about what you and what comes next. We’re hearing you loud and clear and we want you to know we’re here to make it all happen for you. On the food, ambiance and beverage front anyway.

We know, we’re tucked away down a corporate looking end of St Leonards. But if you venture down our way on any given Saturday you will find a magic treasure trove of delectable delights, hot roasted coffee beans, and smiling faces. We are sure to tempt the discerning and help usher in the weekend the way it should be.

So why not start your weekend with a delicious breakfast, brunch, lunch or perhaps a bit of lazy afternoon grazing at The Moody Chef. You can thank us later.

Saturdays leisurely pace coffee
Saturdays leisurely pace Poached eggs on salmon
Saturdays leisurely pace salad

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