Santa Vittoria Still Water 500ml

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Santa Vittoria acqua minerale is bottled at source in the Dolomiti Mountains, Northern Italy, and extracted from deep within the mountain rock at a constant year round temperature of 8 degrees celcius.

Santa Vittoria has an extremely low level of sodium. This, with a light carbonation, makes it the ideal accompaniment to fine dining as it does not compete with the flavours of the cuisine.

Additional information

Analysis mg/L

Bicarbonates = 189.0
Calcium = 36.2
Chloride = 0.9
Flouride = 0
Magnesium + 18.4
Nitrate + 0
Potassium = 0.5
Silica = 0
Sodium + 0.6
Sulphates + 0
TDS (ppm) + 170
pH = 8.0



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