For mouth-watering nibbles that have never tasted better, look no further than our sweet grazing boxes — a simple, guaranteed no-fail option to provide delightful snacking for any occasion. Whatever your taste, the Moody Chef has designed a sweet grazing box that is just right for you.

Discover fresh and delicious sweet grazing boxes

Feast your eyes and make your palate sing with our heavenly sweet grazing boxes. Passion, consistency, innovation and excellence have been the pillars of our business since we established our first eatery in 2004. Our sweet boxes are the fruit of those values. Unlike other catering services, we don’t include any candy, doughnuts or pre-packaged sweets. We bake fresh, quality pastries and desserts from premium ingredients daily — every bite is a delight!

From muffins, scones, banana bread and other baked products to birthday cakes, fresh fruit and continental brunch options, we have it all. Choose your preferred sweet box and indulge in mouth-watering food of incredible quality. Or order our Moody’s Hamper Gift Box for a complete premium experience — it comes with restaurant-quality wine and other beverages, as well as savoury options. Bon Appetit!

Sweet boxes for every occasion

Our sweet grazing boxes are a lovely solution for any situation, from office meetings to birthday parties and thoughtful pick-me-up gifts. We deliver to businesses Sydney-wide, so you can count on us for food that will be a hit at your next staff meeting. When ordering for personal use, simply place as small an order as the number of people you want to treat with a thoughtful dessert gift box and can come to collect it from our eatery (if delivery isn’t available).

Each of our grazing boxes has a good variety of food, so finding something to suit anyone’s liking is easy. For special dietary requirements, get in touch with us, and we will accommodate them without any hassle.

Labour-saving sweet grazing boxes

Preparing and serving food for the whole office is an added stress that bosses and assistants don’t need. Our sweet grazing boxes are the ideal solution. They are already plated and ready to serve, just bring them out during a break and place them on the table. No prep time is necessary and the clean up is just as fast, with just a single eco-friendly box to dispose of. If you don’t have serviettes, toothpicks and cocktail forks, add our eco-friendly cutlery to your order. Although our food is finger-licking good, you might want to avoid that in the office.

Our dessert grazing boxes are not just a time-saver in corporate settings; they are also an excellent option for entertaining at home. There is no need to spend time preparing a complicated dessert or worrying if your cake is cooked in the middle.

Our boxes also solve the problem of making sure everybody likes your dessert and can eat it. With lots of options for small bites of different flavours, everyone's taste and dietary needs are easily met. Get one of our sweet grazing boxes home-delivered for an effortless and successful dinner party!

Order your sweet grazing box today

When looking for the best place to order a sweet box, you won’t find a better catering service than at The Moody Chef. Here to make your life easier, you can order online 24/7 from our easy-to-use website and have it delivered to your address Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4 pm. Just choose what you want from our freshly-made boxes, and we’ll make it happen for you and your guests. Because it’s true that people eat with their eyes, we take special care putting together each and every box so all that is left for you to do is to place it on the table. Order today for an easy, fuss-free experience that will leave your guests, colleagues and friends delighted.

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