Introducing the Pacific Diner in St Leonards by The Moody Chef

Most people can’t get enough of The Moody Chef, but having two venues with the same name in close proximity can be a tad confusing.

The Moody Chef is proud to announce the arrival and launch of the Pacific Diner located at 207 Pacific Highway, St Leonards. We’ll be Keeping our Atchison Street Eatery as is, which is located at 30 Atchison Street, St Leonards.

Both venues are still owned and managed by The Moody Chef and both still serve that same legendary food you have grown to love. Just now our stores have their own names and, wallah, no more confusion.

As usual, The Moody Chef’s Atchison Street Eatery is open Monday through Saturday and the Pacific Diner is open Monday through to Friday.
Pacific Diner

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