The Moody Chef joins the war on waste with discount coffee for BYO takeways

We humans love our daily dose of coffee. It’s our elixir from the gods that helps us start the day or at the very least makes us more pleasant to be around.

The problem is our coffee drinking habits are causing our environment to suffer and it will very soon start causing us harm also. We need to change our consumption process and we need to do it now, it’s that simple.

Even though paper cups can be recycled the truth is, less than 1% actually makes it to the recycling plant and because coffee cups are lined with plastic, it’s quite a process that only places more effort and therefore energy to repurpose our waste.

So what is an environmentally responsible person to do? Here are four practical things that you can do to reduce coffee cup landfill that will not mean giving up your daily coffee ritual.

▪ Don’t take away — drink your coffee from ceramic cups at the cafe

▪ Bring your own reusable cup

▪ Refuse a lid — if you don’t need the lid don’t take one

▪ Choose a cup made from rapidly renewable resources like managed plantation paper board and separate the lid from the cup when disposing of the rubbish

Remember, sustainability is sexy and The Moody Chef is giving a 50 cent discount to anyone that BYO reusable takeaway cup.

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